Saturday, November 15, 2008

In General

So, I have been toying with my blog, and Heather I am not! You should have witnessed my trying to just get the picture at the top - and I am not computer illiterate. Anyway, I'll be playing with it as I have time, so please forgive me as I try new stuff. Hopefully it will end up looking OK. I was thinking about putting some sort of circus background to go with the title, but I really don't like the circus. It's dirty, smelly, a fabulous place to spread the plague and it has clowns. Mine, on the other hand, has Maura, Trisin, Zach, is a great place to learn how not to clean the floor and we have Zach. And most of you weren't around for the flying squirrels, bearded dragons (plus eggs), two chicks, two rabbits, and two dogs... talk about the plague! Anyway, I hope you can stomach this "place" as I try new stuff!


Andy and Cari said...

I am ready for a new post...thank you.

cristidehoff said...