Thursday, November 6, 2008

Three Years

Maura is 3 years old today. Again, I cannot believe it has been so long ago that she was born. She is just a great little girl. Sometimes we just sit and watch her, because she is that entertaining. Although, she prefers to perform rater than entertain, like Tristin. She has very few inhibitions and know no stranger. She is definitely one of the most independent little people that I know. Anything that you can do, she can do also, and you'd better give her the chance to try! It has been very challenging at times, because she is so strong- willed. I know that we have it easy compared to what it could be, but that doesn't take away from the things we deal with every day.

I love you very much, baby girl. You are so smart and bright. You can learn so quickly and retain it, and I pray that knowledge and wisodm come to you easily & quickly throughout life. I thank God for the miracle of having you in our lives. When you were born, it was only Gid's grace that we were at the hospital, ot neither of us could have been here. And I remember when you were born. You didn't cry and I only got to gloimpse you, but you were so beautiful. I didn;t hold you until almost a day later, and it was the best feeling I think I ever had. You were so tiny, but we could already see the HUGE personality that laid beneath. The two weeks in the hospital, after we got you home, and even up until now, you are the happiest children I have ever known. You are a tough little thing. I love you so much, and I look forward to the future, and the many things we will learn from you. I love you.


Elbie said...

You voted bunk on my survey didn't you?? I'm sniffing you out :)

Elbie said...

I KNEW IT WAS YOU!!!! My dad told me you thought it was heresy when Mack walked on water. I don't expect many more votes. You didn't like Jesus just being the handyman and God being a black woman?....and P.S. my dog does not have fleas thank you very much! Just sores on his head from all the banging :)

Elbie said...

Cari just told me you did have a flea after you met Vinny! I'm horrified!!