Monday, February 2, 2009

Catch Up

Well, I feel like I have been chasing my tail lately. I clean up the kitchen, make a meal, clean up, make a meal... I get the living room cleaned, it gets messy, cleaned, messy... It's a vicious cycle. Let me fill you in on what's been going on. Although it's not terribly fascinating.

Tristin has spoken! We have waited a long time to see if the boy will talk, and he finally has. He is limited to "uh-oh," "yeah," and "z"- like the letter. I don't know if you can count that as a word, but I do. He also enjoys playing with Mr. Potato Head...

Maura has begun to test again. I think to myself that I must be doing something right when I punish her, because she says she wants her daddy! Unfortunately for her, daddy agrees with everything mommy does.

Zach's day job has been v.e.r.y. s.l.o.w. He is basically last man on the totem pole as far as his boss is concerned. It's not a big deal. Unless we want to eat and whatnot. So he's started 30hrs. at FedEx. This won't be a fun schedule. In the meantime he'll be looking for a full- time job to replace the two others. Any prayers are greatly appreciated if they can be spared.

So that's about it.


Sarah said...

Christian says the same word "z" well, he actually says "z's" and I've realized that he is referring to any sort of toy car when he says this word. Maybe Tristin means the same thing since they are both boys of similar age! It's so cute when they first start talking. I love it!

Bethany said...

Wow! Sorry to hear about Zach's job. We will definitely be praying.