Saturday, March 14, 2009

Calm & Quiet

Two words that usually don't describe the atmosphere at my house. However, today they apply. Of course, everything comes with a price. Tristin has been fighting a fever for a few days now, so Maura was able to conjure up a whopping 103 this morning. As many of you know, calm and quiet definitely DO NOT apply to my daughter. Although, she has been laying on the couch for most of the day, looking completely pitiful. Tristin is feeling better and getting into everything, even more so. On a related note, he is FINALLY getting another tooth. It has even broken the surface - I am so excited! And, his soft spot is gone. I don't know if it's weird that I know about my children's soft spots, but I do. Anyway, all of that and I've got a migraine that just won't go away, so I'm a touch loopy from the meds. Oh well.

On the upside, I have found that I can get both of my CPR certifications & lifeguarding certification renewed for about $10. I am super excited about this, since usually an EMT CPR recert is about $50, and I could have had to have taken a class for the lifeguarding. I love having connections!

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