Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Here is my sourdough starter. I am so excited that it is working. I did cheat and add yeast at the beginning step, but that was many, many, many yeast generations ago, so I think we're good to go! Anyway, here's the starter after I fed it.

Here it is after the rest. Now it sits in the fridge till I'm ready to make bread, or have to feed it. I'm still tinkering with the bread recipe, because it is coming out too salty. This is where I got the recipe for both the starter & bread.

I am going to try to get more bread made (I had some beginning to bake, when we had our wonderful night in the ER. You can read all about it in the 'Fun at the ER' post), and get a picture of that soon. It is really good.
If you are interested in a starter, let me know and I will share mine with you. Oh, and since I have an unhealthy quirk of naming things (and almost every website refers to a starter as a pet), so if you have any good name suggestions for my starter, I'd love to hear them!


Andy and Cari said...

Audry 2? 3?

Extraordinary Ordinary Life said...

I have been waiting for this post. You know I want a starter.