Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Well, you may or may not know, I make all of our bread. Every once in a great while, I will cheat and buy a loaf, but that's usually only in dire circumstances. Anyway, I have longed to have my very own sourdough starter to make sourdough bread over and over again. I love the idea of having it ready at my fingertips, for whenever I may want to use it. And I love the idea of it being made with wild yeast that wanted to come live in my starter and be eaten by my family!

Ok, maybe not so far as being chosen by little organisms, but still, to not have to buy yeast - that really appeals to me. And I like the idea of starting something, that could, theoretically, be passed down to future generations.

So, here's where I get stuck. To make a sourdough starter, all you really need- bare minimum- is flour & water. I have tried again and again, and I cannot get it to work. I can get the starter going and I can have it be exactly like whatever the recipe says it should be... then it all goes to pot. Stupid simple, and yet, I fail every time.

I have found some more starter recipes than the last time I looked, so I am trying a couple this week. One does get going with commercial yeast, but I'm to the point that I'll give it a go anyway. Hopefully, I'll be able to get something good going. I'll let you know...

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Sarah said...

Let me know when you figure it out! I can make great sourdough bread, but I have to make a "fake" starter using yeast. I have the same issue with yogurt. I've made my own yogurt a few times, but the recipe always calls for yogurt, which seems odd to me, because why should I make yogurt if I have yogurt on know? It's not like a recipe for "chocolate chip cookies" calls for "chocolate chip cookies" as one of it's ingredients.