Thursday, May 21, 2009

Hey, 98.6!

Yesterday Tristin mustered up a fever of 103.1. He was kinda puny and sleepy. He went to bed right around 6 after a tepid bath and me forcing him to eat a popsicle. So, the fever has started coming down, and he's just about normal (temperature-wise). He's still ornery as ever and tired and sleepy and grumpy.

So, both he and Maura are like my brother, in that regardless of how sick they are, they still want to eat! So, I fed Tristin at every meal, and he'd have a few bites, get tired or full, and fed the rest to Mattie (she's sleeping over for a couple of days due my not-liking-staying-alone-at-night-ness). Well, he stared out with a bang at dinner. "good," I thought, "Finally starting to feel better!" Well, I glance over, and he's dropping the rest of his food over to Mattie. I tell him no... and I get this glare - I am surprised my skin didn't melt. As some of you may notice, this is extremely reminiscent of Maura's glare that she has perfected.

And for the record, I don't always feed my children "Hellen Keller" style (as my father puts it), but when they are sick, I really don't care how they eat, as long as they eat!

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Andy and Cari said...

I do so love the glare...I do believe your children get it from one of their parents...and Zach is all smiles and things, that only leaves...