Thursday, June 18, 2009


So, we're through with FedEx. It feels so nice. And as nice as it is, it's also scary. We no longer have that consistent paycheck. It feels kind of unwise to actually give-up a job with this economy and such, but it was going to cause major problems for Zach if he kept up that way. Plus, now he is freed up to hopefully perform better at his day job, allowing us to maintain some sort of balance.

I was talking with a good friend today, and they recently had a pay shift issue, and she was talking about how it was nice to be reminded that they were living day to day by the grace of God. I liked that. While it's not always fun & easy, it is a daily reminder to trust that God will take care of our needs.

And then being able to see how He does it is just a bonus. My swim lessons are providing us with grocery money right now, and I almost have too many. While I'll be very busy, it is a huge blessing.

Now having to take stock of what is truly needed and what is really just wanted, I am trying to be very careful with the money. I have some new recipes I want to try, and a few new ingredients that are a bit cheaper that the norm.

In what ways do you cut your grocery spending? Any cheap recipes that are a must try? Any other helpful suggestions?


Heidi @ Indy Photography said...

We live with constant mixed emotions about Daniel working at FedEx.

On the one hand, we are SO grateful for the ability Daniel has to work there and DEFINITELY thankful for the insurance. With us seemingly popping a baby out every 1-2 years, and having been on Medicaid and hating every moment of it, we really appreciate the coverage.

On the other hand, it is exhausting. For Daniel, yes, but for all of us. Daniel and I have a difficult time planning date nights due to the fact that he ideally should be in bed by 9pm. And so I oftentimes feel like I rarely see my husband...even though he's here all evening.

You're right though. It's always good to come to a point where we realize we simply cannot do life without God and that He really DOES supply all our needs.


Bethany said...

Have you tried Cuban black bean? Yum. Call me if you want the recipe.