Sunday, August 30, 2009

Finding God in Everything, pt.4

So, Gretchen. The Labyrinth. Really? OK. Here it goes. And one more thing - I could have gone on a lot longer than I had originally thought. I had fun with this!

First of all, is there anything scarier than David Bowie with a little child? Maybe MJ, but we don't need to dwell on this. By the way, Maura believes that the Goblin King & David Bowie are one in the same. I guess that's not too far of a stretch....

So, movie. The very first thing I am struck by is the opening scene when Sarah is out, all dressed up memorizing lines from the play, "The Labyrinth." She is pouring herself into it and all caught up. Then she is easily distracted from her practicing by the storm.

How often do we fervently pour over the Word and pray, only to be tripped up by trivial things the very next time we turn around?

Then comes the trial - the screaming baby.

*I am tried with this day by day*

So, this kid is crying and won't just go to sleep, so she wishes that the Goblin King would take him away, "right now." And he does. Shouldn't we be thankful that God doesn't just give us what we wish for? Whoever said God is just a genie who grant wishes, obviously does not wear the same size clothes as I. Instead we are to rejoice in our trials. Grow closer to the Lord and praise Him for them.

So, the GK comes and offers to give back Toby (the baby), if Sarah can complete his elaborate Labyrinth. Sarah enters the "foyer" if you will, and is immediately confronted by somebody doing something seemingly bad.

Hoggle is gassing these lovely little fairies. Sarah gets upset, picks up a fairy, and is bitten. Ah, the seemingly good actually being not. What other things are like that....

She gets into the maze and starts strong, but then gets all huffy because she's getting nowhere. Enter the tiny English worm. You know, "'Ello" "Did you just say hello?" "No, I said, 'ello,' but that's close enough."

We need to talk to those around us who know the terrain better that we do. Others who have trod down whatever road we happen to be struggling against. They have the experience, and often times good advice.

The GK. He wants to get Sarah to listen to him, wants her for his own. Sounds like somebody else... could it be.... satan!?! (said in the voice of the Church Lady) He tries over & over to seduce her: give her wants she wants by taking Toby, hurting her by taking away time to solve the labyrinth, "loving" her with the singing & dancing by way of the hallucinogenic peach.

Sarah does fall for his traps, but also comes out the other side a little wise for the wear. And at the very end, she overcomes the GK because she was studying so hard, so dedicated to learning her lines, she told him he had no power over her, and he went away. Not far, if you recall from the closing credits, but he stops his active attack.

We need to study our "lines" and know how to handle our attacks and those who try to deceive. Of course, satan will fight forever for us to fall, and whose to say that the GK wouldn't. But shouldn't we just be happy that there wasn't a
Labyrinth II?


Extraordinary Ordinary Life said...

You did a wonderful job. I am now convinced you can find God in everything.

Bethany said...

I nominated you for a blog award. Come by and pick it up!