Monday, October 5, 2009


For all of you car travelers with kids - any helpful hints and suggestions for others?


Elizabeth said...

A little bit of cough syrup will know em right out. I know I've only had a dog, but it worked on him. And if a little doesn't work, just give them more. I'm sure you will find this your handiest solution.

Anna said...

Don't take them if you don't have to!!!!HAHAHAHAHAHAH

oneblessedmama said...

Itsy bitsy jelly roll pans and plenty of dollar tree bugs and lizards. Also- drive THROUGH THE NIGHT! they will sleep and it WORKS!!!!!!!! A magnadoodle, kids cds, and a bag of snacks labele dfor each kid. They can manage their own snacks, but not drinks. :-)

Heidi @ Indy Photography said...

I agree w/ Elizabeth and Anna.

Benadryl or leave them home.

Lol. Seriously though...YES, we travel 12 hours with our children quite often.

Snacks, snacks, and more snacks. But NOT salty snacks or they will want to drink constantly and then will proceed to need to urinate constantly. It's not a good plan.

Magnets on a cookie sheet, New books or toys from Dollar Tree, Kid's Music (even though it WILL drive YOU crazy), Make up "Find The _____" for Maura to play....the list goes on. If you really need more ideas, let me know. Those are just my thoughts off the top of my head.


Sarah said...

Books on cd or tape. I don't recommend traveling through the night...we always wound up with non-sleeping children who were just as tired and cranky as us when we arrived at our destination. I can picture Maura being one of those kids who can stay awake all night. We usually have one snack per hour. It seems excessive, but it really works. They have something to look forward to. Oh yes, don't forget your duct tape and rope. Make sure you leave some trunk space open just in case you need to put one of the children in the trunk for a while. :)