Monday, December 7, 2009

my obsession

I want to confess my new obsession. I think about it almost all the time. If I had money, I would buy all kinds of paraphernalia. I have bought all kids of paraphernalia. I have taken classes, have books at home and on hold at the library to further educate myself on the subject. It relaxes me and lets me have down time without doing nothing.

I am speaking of knitting.

I learned several years ago. Zach's mother taught me one Christmas because I wanted to learn, and I liked it enough, just not terribly much. I recently picked up the hobby again and I am in love.

I have finished a scarf, a wire ring, a partial blanket, and I am working on another scarf and a pair of fingerless mittens (sometimes called wrist warmers).

I am loving it. Zach took me up to a yarn/ knitting store last week. I could go into serious debt there. I'll stick to JoAnn, Michaels & Hobby Lobby.

Anyway, if you ever want to learn, I woud be more than happy to help/teach you. I plan to indoctorinate my children soon.


Stacey said...

I knit dish rags. I love them! Its the only thing I know how to make.

Elizabeth said...

knitting totally calms me down when I'm about to lose it. Who needs medication? Just knit!