Monday, December 28, 2009


I was thinking that I could write a post on how dreary the day was Christmas, and how that is the world is without Christ. Then the next day, after Jesus was born, we had hope and the day all bright & sunny.

But since you are pretty smart people I assume that you have figured out that I am not writing about that. You used your mad context clues skills and decided I had something much more... shallow to tell you about.

You are correct.

Zach's family came over Christmas eve after the service at church - which had the most adorable sheep EVER in the history of Christmas programs.

So, we had dinner and my mom-in-law gve the kids their presents. Maura got a My Size Barbie. It really is only about 2in shorter than she is. It almost got a shot a couple of times until we got used to having it around.

Maura named her Alyssa, and when asked about her friend, she replied that she was not her friend, but her wife, and they have a baby named Domino.

I seriously have no idea where this stuff comes from.

Tristin got a dinosaur. It is stuffed and a little smaller than him. It roars, the jaw moves up & down, and the eyes flash red. He was a bit apprehensive about it at first, then daddy hit the roar button. Tristin ran away screaming.

All motherly love aside, it was funny. I am sorry, but it was. So we ended up hiding him in the closet. Tristin finally calmed down and went about his evening. After a while Zach wanted to try again, because we really thought he'd like it. So Zach sat on a chair with it and called Tristin. As soon as he looked over at Zach, he started wimpering and slowing cowering down, probably trying to find a happy place.

After some time with mommy, he was doing better, and it was time to get ready for bed. Zach was talking to him, and sympathized by saying, "You don't like your dinosaur do ya, buddy?"

Tristin started to cry and then crawled under the table.

Reptar is safely in his new closet home.


Bethany said...

I love how you "almost shot it." Only in your posts, Cristi! Thanks for the laugh.

Anna said...

I love your children. I really, really do! They have such imaginative personalities! Abraham got a cool ball popper toy from my Dad which is supposed to be for babies 9 months and up...well, he is a bit shy of that toy since it throws balls at him from every which direction. We can't help but laugh too:) I have a feeling it will become a "new baby" toy when the time is right...or maybe it will become a part of our garage sale:) Anyway, glad you guys had a great Christmas!!!

Andy and Cari said...

maybe it will grow on him if you let the raptar wear some of Mauras jewelry...Trisin does like her necklaces...