Saturday, January 23, 2010

man up

Since Zach has started his new job, our insurance has kicked in and it is wonderful to feel that almost palpable protection. But it's hard to break some penny pinching habits.

Having now had my second sinus infection in my life, I can say they are awful. I'd almost rather puke my guts out for a few days, then fight my sinuses. I should have gone to the doctor. I didn't. Even if I got free antibiotics, I would still have to pay the co-pay for the prescription.

I don't have to pay a thing for the apple cider vinegar I already have in the pantry. Zach tried it a long time ago for a sinus infection - he gets them often. Anyway, he tried it for several (4-5) days, and it worked!

So I started taking it Thursday. About 1oz. shot, 3 times a day. I have to chase it with milk immediately, since it burns. And then my stomach is a bit upset for a minute or two. But I started noticing I felt better, almost as quickly as I would have with antibiotics.

I hate taking it. I should just man up and take it, but it's gross!

I had heard a long time ago that taking ACV can help you lose weight. I can totally see how it would work. I just don't feel like eating nearly as much as I usually do, and Even sweets are just not that appealing. Maybe it's just a placebo effect.

I looked around on a site called Apple Cider Vinegar Benefits

Weight loss, gout, hair care, diabetes, acid reflux! Zach even used it recently to get rid of a bothersome wart. This stuff is amazing. There's even a process to making your own.

There are theories on why it helps lose weight, but nothing for certain (at least in my very limited investigating). This site suggests taking 2tsp in water before each meal, and maybe adding a little honey.

Personally, I'd rather down it quickly and get it over with. It may make a difference with the water, but I'm not doing it. Maybe we could run our own experiment. Some people could take it straight, some with water for a month or two, and we could compare results. Any takers?


Bethany said...

Call me about June 15th when I'm no longer pregnant, but no one will be able to tell the difference. :)

Ma ~ said...

Man, that stuff is nasty, but I have heard a lot of good things about it too. I always keep some on hand, but....YUK! I agree that it would be MUCH better to just drink it down and get it over with....I'm in..I could loose a couple:)

Alice G.