Saturday, January 30, 2010

Technically Speaking

So I have never been much for baby talk. Cooing and making funny noises (not those funny noises)are fine, but some things....

Words like doggie, horsie, - not so much baby talk, but adults don't say those things unless they are talking to a baby or child.

Or reinforcing incorrect words. Yes, I am guilty because some are just too precious (or funny like Crap-paw instead of grandpa!), but over all, why let them continue to say things incorrectly, only to have to correct them later on, or maybe even encourage a speech impediment?

Anyway, I know I do things that I'm sure other people are annoyed with, but that's not the real point.

We have NEVER referred to a physical injury as an "ow-y" I don't even know how to spell that. Or an "ouchie" or "boo boo." Boo boo was a small bear that aided and abetted grand theft larceny.

Whenever there was an injury, it was called what it was - a scrape, cut, bruise, etc. I decided that Maura has now moved on and she is now learning technical terms for these ailments. Her first new word was "Contusion." A bruise.

She was fine making the association, and no problems saying it or even knowing they were the same thing. Until she got one.

When I told her she had a contusion, she then started to cry.


Heidi @ Indy Photography said...

Ha. That's funny.

I don't think we ever really talked about "boo boos" either, but somehow our kids picked up on that. I blame Sunday School teachers. Because really, who else is there to blame? :)

I'm with you though. I never understand the "little kid talk". ALTHOUGH, we never ever EVER correct our kids when they say they have "barrel feet" (without socks or shoes). It cracks me up every time!

I know. We're horrible parents.


Well:I did it.YOU enabled me .Now I can leave you humorous blessings.Heidi can blame me. The word boo boo was heard every day in our home for years.


I forgot to tell you that my very my favorite word in "Dictionary by Maura" is Crapaw.