Saturday, November 6, 2010

He may try to deny this...

Zach wasn't sold on the whole 2yr old dog and co-own thing... I'm ok with that. I liked the idea, but was indifferent. He wasn't completely sold, so I told him that was enough to not do it as far as I was concerned. Something like this shouldn't need to be just half hearted.

I was looking through the IndyStar classifieds and found a woman with a dog that I thought would be good for us. I called Zach and directed him to the page. I knew when he got there because I heard him say, "Aawwwww!" in the tone of voice that women reserve for babies. He said he wanted that exact dog that was in the picture.

This was a huge indication that it was the right move.

He told me to call the lady, see if it was a girl, see if she was still available, and where they were located. It was a girl puppy in the picture, she was still available, and the lady was 2min from Zach's work.

Later that afternoon, we went and got our puppy. She is a sweet little thing, and I have no complaints so far... except she is slightly smaller than our previous dog of 110lbs. Zach was just saying that he was a little disappointed that she was going to be a bit smaller than we wanted, but that made it ok to get another one...

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Lindsey said...

And Jon may try to deny the Bob the Builder story that I just posted. That's why we have blogs, right?! So what's the new dog's name?