Wednesday, November 3, 2010

We are seriously thinking about getting a dog. When I say dog, I really mean dog. The one we are looking at is a Havanese. They are a small-medium sized dog, 'hypoallergenic,' and low-no shed. This breed can run upwards of $1000 depending on where you look.

I found a woman about an hour away who has a 2yr old who she wants to breed, but needs to downsize her at home dog population. She is willing to give us a HUGE deal on her if we want to be co-owners.

I had never heard this before. Basically, we would own the dog, but when she is ready to breed, she would, and the lady would get the puppies - but if we wanted to, we could keep one.

I guess I am just sorting this all out and you get to also! We have discussed the pros and cons of it all, and the woman seems very nice and legit as you can assume over a couple of conversations. She talked about "The Lord," and seems very genuine.

Anyway, we have been praying about it and talking a lot. There probably isn't a new issue that we haven't thought of, but if you have any thoughts, please let me know!

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Extraordinary Ordinary Life said...

Let me know how this goes because Ryan has been looking for a breed for me because I am mostly allergic to all dogs so when you get this one I will have to come over and see if I don't sneeze and maybe we will buy one of the puppies from you.