Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Greetings from PA!

In our world of whirlwind trips, this ranks up there.

Right after Zach and I were married we drove with Jon to Texas and back.... in two days..... and coming back we were in his truck that only had a bench seat in the front.

Once we went to Panama City Beach for a weekend for one of my birthdays, Zach has gone to Iowa and back in about a day, and my parents, Maura and I went to Iowa for a day to visit my great grandmother, then stopped in Illinois to visit my mom's step-mother.

So why Pennsylvania? Super long story short, I was the only one really available to take my Mom-in-law for a funeral on Zach's side of the family. Being the last minute thing, my children came along.

We left about 11:30pm on Sunday night (after finding out & making arrangements on Thursday night). We drove through to Hanover, PA, and met an aunt, Heather, and two of her children at the hotel.

Thankfully the hotel had a pool, so most of the spare time was spent watching all four children swim. Since I had driven most of the way out, Michele & Heather graciously watched my children swim after dinner, and let me go to bed!

Since were sharing a room with my MIL, the kids wanted to sleep with her. Since she didn't mind, I obviously didn't mind either! I got a full night's sleep, alone in a bed that I didn't have to make. It was nice.

Since we really didn't know the aunt who had passed, and I had the kids, we did not attend the service. I had a few hours of time to kill with the kids before we met up with everyone for the meal. We got ready & checked out, went to an Utz outlet store and got Zach some chips (which he talks about a lot and can't get here), and we got a couple of things at WalMart.

After that I found a little state park and the kids ate a snack in front of the lake. You should be shocked that not only did I remember to get my camera out and take a picture, but the 3 I took turned out very well! My favorite is the new picture at the top of the blog.

Anyway, after the meal, we went to Heather's house for a rest before we hit the road home. We left around 8pm or so, and rolled in the drive at my house about 11am. Again, I drove most of the way (which I honestly did not mind), so I am totally pooped.

So, enjoy the pictures, and be in awe that I took them!

                                          on our way to heather's house - they were SO tired!

             a little train exhibit (that was closed) that we stopped at for pictures- I was stunned at myself, too

                                 Tristin doesn't like light & sound when he wants to sleep, so covered                                                                              himself completely with his blanket in the car

                       The newly discovered cousins- it was great to see them just totally hit it off right away -                     Jessica is 9 & Nicholas is 8. The other cousin, Poebe is 17, but I promised her                                            I wouldn't show her picture to anyone, even  though she is very pretty and sweet!                         They all  were so good with the kids, and I know the kids had a ball
If there is anybody reading this who doesn't know, my maiden name is Witmer, and so I had to stop and get my picture taken in from the the sign, and I actually have a picture from when we were here a long time ago as a family, and my dad and I are in front of this same sign. This was taken about midnight....

Last meal on the road. It took him FOREVER to eat his sausage, and he had half a hashbrown. He would every so often pour more syrup on the pancakes, and just when I thought he was done, he started eating them..... what a boy

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