Thursday, June 16, 2011

Bubble wrap

Tristin is my special boy.

When he was about a year, I was in the bedroom doing something, and he wanted to come to me, but there was bubble wrap on the floor. After pausing for a moment, he walked around it.

So being the loving mother that I am, I placed him on the other side of the bubble wrap, and completely blocked his path with it.... I know. I am so bad. But I really believe in having fun with your children....

So, he stood there and held his arms up and would NOT step on the bubble wrap. So, again being the loving mom, I picked him up...

... and placed him directly onto the bubble wrap. He cried. I laughed. the day went on.

Now he has overcome this great fear. Zach had gotten something that had the jumbo bubble wrap with it. He gave the wrap to Tristin to play with, and it was hilarious.

Tristin took the wrap into the kitchen, and spread it out into a long pathway, and ran from one end to the other, creating a barrage of pooping sounds. This went on for at least 5min.

Unfortunately I didn't get much of it on video, but I did get some. Please disregard the mess....

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