Sunday, June 26, 2011

CPR & yoga

Thankfully, these did not happen in tandem, or one because of the other!

Wednesday I renewed my CPR to keep up my EMT certification. I did enjoy my morning out, alone. I only have 4 more hrs left, and about 6 skills, then I can send in my sheet and be certified for another 3 years.

I borrowed a yoga dvd from the library, and tried it out with the kids. I some pilates moves, and I LOVE them, and the kids like to try them also, so this seemed like fun...

I really like the instructor. You know how on some workouts, just seeing the instructors face makes you want to go all Elvis on the TV? No? Maybe I have some rage issues. Anyway, this one I like. She had a sense of humor, and a likable personality.

So we are getting into it, and Maura is doing a good job, the lady is talking about how most yoga teachers have a mantra. I know what I think about when I work out (usually water, and big bacon cheeseburger with fries. Or waffles), so I like to know what goes through other heads when they are trying to stay fit.

When this lady said her mantra, I froze for a few seconds.... "I have a great as*" She then repeated it over and over.... My children aren't sheltered, but that was a bit blatant for them!

Other than that, it was a nice work out, and my lower half is very sore (we only did the first half). But a good sore. Right. I did come across a couple of stretches that were interesting, in that they hit my ab muscle RIGHT at the C-section scar. I could feel it, and it was a really odd sensation. Hopefully that will go away!

Today we did the second half of the dvd, and Maura was so good at just trying and she actually kept pretty good time with the holds and stuff. She really liked coming up with her own poses and stretches, which as you can imagine, was very interesting.

The main one she really was proud of, I was going to take a picture of it, and tell you about it, but then I had second thoughts.

She had a scarf tied around her head/face (in case you touched dirt with your head, she said), she was sitting Indian style (yes, I am old school, and pretzels are what you eat, not how you sit!), and then she would lean over, touch her face to the ground and have her arms extended to the side.

She called it "Airplane going down."