Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The week

I had an awful weekend. It really began almost a week ago.

I went to the doctor for a small infection, and was put on antibiotics. A huge dose. I knew they would throw my body a bit out of whack, but really, that or the plague?

So my stomach wasn't feeling great, and I was a bit tired, but not too awful. Then I started feeling more tired, and my stomach more upset.

Friday I ended up with a fever. I usually don't get fevers. This was not fun. So I laid around the house and had the kids watch movies all day. I thought it had gone, but that sick mouth feeling never went away. You know the feeling....

Saturday I wake up with a bigger fever.... and a rash from my neck to my knees.

I found out the fun way that I am allergic to sulfa. Oooohh, the fun.

So now I had a fever, a rash, and was itchy. After phone calls and visits, and a wonderful mother-n-law, I was rid of my children and had better drugs in me, and was able to pass out for a few hours.

When Zach got home, I climbed back into bed, and went back to sleep for the night. I stayed home from church, and sometime late Sunday morning, my fever finally broke.

I didn't have to deal with my kids all day, and got to just rest. I was able to start eating (very little) again, but then the itching set in like I had never felt before.

Thankfully I am almost all better now. The rash is still there in some spots, and they itch, but not too terribly.
I am slowly getting energy back, and my house is slowly recovering from many days of neglect.

oh, the poor house.

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Anna said...

Poor thing! Call me any time! What a nightmare.