Monday, July 18, 2011

On the bright side....

Info you should know:

So Thursday morning Tristin woke up sick. Like, vomit sick. He did that about 4-5 times before transitioning to the other end. He was to the point where he asked me to carry him because he told me, "I can't walk."

At one point he needed a new shirt, and specifically asked for a green one. I truly do not know where my children get this fashion thing from, but is definitely not from me. Anyway, he only has ONE green shirt. When I brought him one that was not the requested color, he refused to put it on.

On the bright side: the green was in a clean laundry basket, so he was able to wear it.

On the bright side: he is sharing more... like with me. Friday afternoon it hit me. Hard. I actually got a fever with mine. Both ends. for a while. Not pretty.

On the bright side: I believe that not really eating for 3.5 days has slimmed my waistline some. Although, I do believe that at some point in my not too distant future, I will have to recoup my losses with a giant bacon cheeseburger, fries and chocolate shake, coke on the side.

On the bright side: Zach & Maura have had tons of quality time together, as have Tristin & I. 

On the bright side: Zach has been an amazing husband, even though I KNOW it not fun to take care of sickies. I could not have survived the weekend without him.

On the bright side: it has not hit Zach or Maura, and they both seem to be doing remarkably well. Nothing out of the ordinary was eaten or shared just by Tristin & me, so who knows. Of course, this is still going on now, today.

On the bright side: Tristin is extra cuddly, and who can not love that from your baby?!

On the bright side: Maura's shoes were already dirty.... and the dog did need a bath....

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Andy and Cari said...

always look onthe bright side of life... do do, do do do do do do.