Friday, July 15, 2011

Pitiful boy

Tristin woke up yesterday morning at 5am because he threw up. I am always hesitant to believe the kids when they say they throw up because it's usually not the case. Unfortunately, yesterday it was.

He then had it coming out of both ends, and finally just the other end. It has now carried over to today. There is no fever, which is good, but he feels so bad. He told me he couldn't walk, so his legs are weak, and he just lays on the couch, watching a movie if one is on, but if not, he doesn't care.

Anyway, I am taking care of him, and doing a TON of laundry. I am actually at the point where I think it would be advantageous to just buy new underwear. He does need it, so it wouldn't be wasted, and then that way I wouldn't have to to laundry every time I turn around.

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Bethany said...

Poor guy! I hope he's feeling better soon.