Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Right on!

*I promise there are pictures after the story*

My dad has been involved in the Indiana D.A.R.E. program for many years (an anti-drug program). He has recently been a speaker and trainer to other officers.

There was a DARE dinner last week, and my father was getting an award for his recent work.

There is a character named Retro Bill. This guy dresses in retro clothes, as if you couldn't deduce that.

He makes these shows on his own dime, teaching kids about strangers and staying safe. He is also a Christian.

My parents have his show recorded at their house, and whenever we are there, Maura asks to watch 'Electro" Bill. The kids sit mesmerized.

So, since there was a big DARE dinner, Retro Bill was going to be in attendance. My dad called Maura and asked if she wanted to go to a 'party' with him & my mom.

After her usual phone etiquette (Who is it? Why are you here? I have to ask my father), a pick up time was arranged.

She was told by my dad that at this function, if somebody puts out their hand, you shake it, and if they talk to you, you answer them.

At the first greeting, Maura curtsied, then she proceeded to talk about her new hair cut and new shoes. I was informed that she told most people about her new shoes and haircut.

When she saw Retro Bill, she was surprised and acted shy. She ended up eating right next to him, and actually talking to him (informing him that he looked different than on tv..... I'm not sure what she said was different, but I am sure, given her tact, it would have been embarrassing).

Anyway, she had control of the camera, and came up with some interesting pictures. And she wouldn't have her picture taken without Crap-aw (my dad).

The first two were taken by a professional..... the rest were taken by Maura. There were several more that she took, but I picked the ones that came out clearest.

this is probably my favorite picture that she took..... i am not at all surprised that it is of herself!


Bethany said...

Look at her cute hair!!!

Heidi Stone Photography said...

Ha. Love it all.

Andy and Cari said...

I love your dad in the 1st pic!

Anna said...

Between the shots of FOOD and HER, not sure which was funnier but LOVE THEM! She sure is growing up fast!

Lindsey said...

The pictures by Maura had me laughing. Sounds like she had a very special evening.