Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Our trip

Well, we have been gallivanting along the east coast this past week. Sorry to have neglected the blog. 

 Since I am pretty bad about posting anyway, I will tell you about the trip over a few posts, to make for more reading.

We left the Saturday before Thanksgiving, and headed to Maryland, where Zach's grandparents live. Other than being on edge in a totally non-childproof house, it was a very nice time. The kids did very well, even when introduced to family members they either have never met or don't remember.

 It was a pretty low-key visit, but we did take the kids to the harbor. There were a few different ships you could tour, but we just admired them from the outside. We walked around a little shopping area and the kids got to buy some candy, and an umbrella.

Their great-grandmother gave them a bit of money to buy a souvenir, and they were thrilled to find umbrellas. They are not normal children.

After our harbor 'tour,' we went to eat at a seafood place. Tristin said he wanted to eat a crab. That is all he would say, "I want to eat a crab." We gave him a bite of crab cake.

True to public meals with children, here are some things that happened during that time - sprite was sprayed in a 3ft radius around Maura, much food dropped, the person with the citrus allergy had a lemon on his plate, and a shoe ended up ON the table.....

This is the smile that Tristin has adopted when told to smile. This was its debut. Also, notice his shoes....


Bethany said...

The shoes are awesome! Don't you love eating out with preschoolers. It's so memorable. :)

Ma said...

Ah the shoes...too funny.