Sunday, January 8, 2012

Sunday School

Maura was a very observant girl at church this week:

So I was going around the house, straightening up, and Maura was talking at me. I say AT me because I wasn't really listening all that much. She just talks SO much, and I like quiet.

So she's going on when I get a little clip of something she said. Something about a new face...

Me: What?

Maura: The man who was burned in the face with the electrical wiring. Like in a house.

Me: What house?

Maura: At church, but he got a new face. It was a better face.

At this point I am thinking she is relaying a prayer request from a classmate in Sunday school. So I ask her where she heard this story.

Maura: At church. I read it in the newspaper we used for painting on.


Lindsey said...

Very funny! :):) (And obviously very smart!)

Bethany said...

Oh, the joy of early reading!

Extraordinary Ordinary Life said...

That girl is just hilarious.