Thursday, May 31, 2012

Home School

found this on a pinterest link - thanks, Cari!

Well, as always we have been busy. We finished up our official school year last Tuesday. I plan on starting up again tomorrow. I realize that this isn't much of a break, but at 4 & 6, it doesn't make that much of a difference. Plus I like to take my time, and this way we can take breaks here 7 there, but still keep a regular structure.

When talking with people who don't home school at all, the most common comment I hear is, "I don't know how you do it!" I tend to agree with them and just keep moving. However, I have been pondering this and came up with a couple of thoughts.

I am a product of public school. Not good, not bad, just what I came from. I had no real experience with home schooling until I started dating Zach. He has always wanted to home school. Long story short, that is where we are now.

This is just my point of view, but it is something you grow with. I had to learn from the beginning how to take care of and teach my children everyday things. The same was true for the schooling. I am learning more each day. I am blessed to have started at the beginning of their education, and we are able to figure it out together. I am using all of the free resources I can, talking to all the experienced people I know - both home schooling parents, adults who were home schooled, as well as public school teachers. GREAT resources!

For us there are many trials & errors, but many successes as well. I am very thankful that we have decided to do this, and look forward to learning even more!

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