Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Being thankful

So along with the rain last night (and it lasted longer than 3min!), we have another reason to be very thankful.

We were all in the kitchen and the lights had been going on and off, when there was a loud pop, the lights did an odd flashy thing and we heard an electrical whine. Everything went back to normal.

Then I happen to walk by the front door, and saw flossing lights. I do a backstep and see the front of a fire truck in front of our house. My first thought was that our house was on fire and we didn't know it! I called Zach over and he asked the same thing.

Zach went outside with Maura, who promptly came back in and yelled for me to come out side. Our neighbor's house was smoking. We can cover the unhealthy habits of dwelling places in an other post.

So I went outside, and it was pretty chaotic. There were about 5 fire trucks, other neighbors and a bulldog running around. She belonged to the house that had been struck. She eventually got contained.

The kids got to see the firemen walking all around, on the roof and tear up the chimney. I feel so bad for our neighbors. Along with the bulldog, they have 6 children. Please remember to keep them in their prayers.

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Bethany said...

Oh my word. So glad everyone was okay. And that rain missed us last night! Glad you got some though. :)