Friday, October 5, 2012


The kids' birthdays are coming up. Just a month away!

For the first time I am letting them invite friends over for an actual party. It is going to be VERY small. 

Small as in, one cousin and two neighbor families. 

It is going to be a pizza party. Am I delusional in thinking this is going to be an easy party? 


But that's ok, because it is for the kids. 

I got super creative (for me) and made up 3 invitations. Yes, I am aware they look like something a drunk 4th grader would make, but I am pretty proud of them. 

I am not very creative, so this was a big accomplishment for me!


Bethany said...

Fun! And the nice thing is you will only have to throw one party.

Anna said...

I think your invitations are adorable!

Ma said...

Very cute!

Andy and Cari said...

i love these

Sarah said...

That is very creative! certainly not the work of a drunk 4th grader!

Lindsey said...

I had to laugh at the drunk fourth grader comment! :) They turned out well!