Friday, December 28, 2012


We got snow. Heavy, wet, tons of snow. I guess compared to last year any amount would be tons. This was about a foot. 

Which means Zach and I were plowing. Plowing, shoveling, salting.... Ok, I didn't salt, but I did plow and shovel. 

I love winter and every year I hope to be able to get snowed in my house. With a plow on your vehicle there is very little chance of that happening. However, if I cannot be cozy in the house & hibernating, I would rather be plowing snow!

I had a blast. It really was fun. Until after some coffee and water. I had to call Zach (we were at two different locations) and ask what to do if I had to use the rest room. 

He laughed at me. 

I ended up having to go to a gas station. Given the urgency of my situation, I couldn't be bothered with trying to force the door to lock. Ooops. Not once, but TWICE somebody tried to come in on me! The second time the lady 'politely' yelled, "Honey, I hafta pee!" I politely yelled back that I needed to also!

Once that was taken care of, it was off to plow more streets and drag driveways. 

It did get a little frustrating since I had NO training of any kind, and NO practice. I was sent out with a jeep and plow and told to move snow. 

I love my husband.

At about hour 10, a wonderful neighbor lady got in with me and showed me how to really work the plow and do a good job. She told me I should have asked her if I needed help. I told her that I had no idea she had plowing experience. Seriously, how am I supposed to know these things?!

So, Mama G helped me TONS and I felt so much better about the job I was doing. 

After a late dinner break I was off to plow for a few more hours. be continued...

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