Tuesday, January 8, 2013

I had every intention of trying to post regularly. The recovery from snow removal took longer than expected. 

Then the kids got sick. Then I got sick. I know some people get bronchitis all the time. I have never had it, and it was awful! 

However, laying in bed for days coughing up my guts did gain me a new pair of 'gloves.' They are a super soft, lovely purple. The picture does the color a horrible injustice. 

please ignore my fat fingers

I am finally feeling better and trying to regain some order in my life. 

The house is almost there. By that I mean it is close to the normal state of disarray. You don't even want to know how nasty it was. 

The floors were so dirty, I actually BROKE my mop!!!

Just kidding. Although, I will be calling and requesting a replacement. Seriously - the handle broke while mopping! I guess that means I can't mop for a while...

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Sarah said...

I finally have a laptop again, so I'm catching up on all my blog reading! Sorry about your illnesses & mop- but your gloves turned out nicely.