Friday, February 15, 2013

the diabeetus

So I have been trying to lose at least 7.5% of my weight (which is about 12-15lbs) to reduce my risk for diabetes. 

So far things have been going well. Although I think I may need a new bathroom scale. Ours is 11 years old, and while I calibrate it every so often, I think it has come to the end. 

I checked my weight this morning, and it seems I have lost 9lbs overnight!!!! WOOHOO!

Seriously, that would have been awesome. 

So, I continue with exercise and eating better. 

Notice I didn't say right. There are too many foods that I love. I will eat better. 

I am trying to stave off my diabetes. Or as Maura puts it, "try not to catch..."

1 comment:

Sarah said...

love your title
hope you don't get "the diabeetus"

I recently heard that we burn the most calories when we are sleeping, so maybe you need to sleep more and exercise less! ha!