Tuesday, March 19, 2013


So here are some things I noticed on my last trip to the gym...

Twins riding bikes together. I thought that was really neat they were able to work out at the same and do something like that. Even if they did wear the exact same thing...


One guy. 

One mirror. 

At one point as I was surveying the weight area as I ran, I noticed a well built man, who obviously works out regularly. The reason my eye caught him, was that he was wearing a cut off shirt. It stopped just above his belly button! 

Then he turned around and I saw a back tattoo! A bit odd, but who am I to judge?


Weight belt. 

With writing on the back. Just happened to be very a very close shade of color as his skin.  


Lindsey said...

Thanks for the laugh!:)

Bethany said...

And now I have two more reasons not to go to the gym! You are hysterical!