Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Family business

So, you know by now that I am involved in the winter aspect of the family business. I plow and shovel and run shoveling crews and demand waffles after all of this. 

I am happy with this set up. 

Plus we are SUPER-DUPER blessed to have two grandmothers close enough to take the kids for 48+ hours while we do all of this. 

I have got nuthin' for grass and flowers and lawns and stuff. I pretty much kill any flower of any kind. My mother-in-law with the green thumb has tried to help me. 

No dice. 

However, last week was awful for Zach - equipment breaking right & left, then left & right, rain, truck breaking... so I had to help a little. 

I will elaborate tomorrow... don't miss it!

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