Thursday, October 23, 2008

Biography- Tristin

Tristin Zachary DeHoff

Tristin was born at 8:32am, Friday, November 2, 2007. He came by scheduled C-Section (the way to go!) and was a perfect 10 on the APGAR Scale. We did find out his gender before birth, but didn’t settle on a name until about 6 hours before the surgery. At least we settled at all! He is all boy. Even as young as 1 day old, he did not want to be swaddled. He would wriggle out of his blankets and want to be free.

He loves to climb and explore – mainly my kitchen cabinets. He puts everything into his mouth and will do it repeatedly with certain things, even if he doesn’t like it. He likes to pull books & things off the shelves to watch them fall. Or push over stacks of blocks. Just to watch them fall. Or if ANYthing is on any surface, he likes it to crash to the floor, just to watch it. He also likes to put things on his head... boxes, little baskets, toys... and will grunt into them to hear himself. It’s pretty funny. Although not as funny as when he hits his head on things over & over & over. He also does this thing with his throat. It’s like a little Wookie sound, we call it purring. It’s kind of gross since he basically gargling his saliva, but if you don’t think about it, it’s cute.

He has been walking since 10months old and has 4 teeth as of 11months. His sister reached neither of these milestones until after her first birthday. In comparison to Maura, he’s not as tough. He’s trying to get better! He is a complete and total mamma’s boy, and while I’m sure he’ll grow out of it, I’ll love it while I have it!

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