Monday, October 20, 2008

My Family

I thought that pretty much anybody who reads this knows my family and me, but just in case, I'll make a little bio for each member. If you already know, or don't care, then don't read it. My feelings won't be hurt. I'll begin with myself, since it's easiest. I don't really think I have any good pictures, but I'll try to rustle up one. I'm not a big picture taker, but I am trying to get much better at it. If you spend an extended amount of time with me, make me take some pictures. If I don't have a camera, forget it. Anyway, here's a bit about me...

Cristi Jo DeHoff

I was born a poor black child. Just kidding. I was born at 7:23am, Tuesday, May 26, 1981. I know all of the details since my mom always told me, and on each birthday, tried to tell me “Happy Birthday” exactly at 7:23am. Anyway, I have one brother, that most of you know, Richie, and he is 3 years younger.

I took a lifeguard class in high school and have been certified ever since. I worked at a private pool for 3 summers during high school, then worked in the school system for a few years & did some therapy with small autistic children. I still occasionally lifeguard at a local pool. I got my EMT certification in 2005, and I am very proud of that accomplishment. I’d like to go to paramedic school maybe in the distant future.

I stay at home with my little ones and will soon acquire a new one to watch during the days. Since Zach and I are done making our own children, I am excited about a new teeny tiny baby that I can give back before bed time! I also do housework, and I really do enjoy a lot of it, but sometimes I’d rather sit. Or eat. Or read. Or sleep. Or just plain not.

I don’t really make friends all that easily, but I’m not much of a people person anyhow. I love to read, watch movies, swim. I love to cook and bake. Right now I make out bread and pizza and lots of other stuff. My new project that I’m super excited about is making my own Kahlua. Can’t wait! Zach and I are in a Bible study together once a week and it is so wonderful. It’s really helped me a lot. Of my own accord I am learning Greek and it is entirely fascinating. I can’t wait to get better!

So that's enough about me!


Elbie said...

I personally enjoy the Jerk well as the fact that you get that I get that we both get what it is not to be people's bonding really. So here is a cyber hug, which is the closest I would ever get to giving an actual hug :)

Extraordinary Ordinary Life said...

I love how you are making Kahlua and doing a Bible Study. My sourdough starter will probably turn into alcohol anyway.

Lindsey said...

Not sure what a Kahlua is, but I'm impressed that you are making it. :) I'd like to learn how to make more things on my own.

Extraordinary Ordinary Life said...
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