Wednesday, October 29, 2008

That the Potter

So we have been getting ready for a little birthday party for our kids. OK, I have been getting ready for it. Zach has been working on remembering the party date, day & time. But at least he's working on it! Anyway, Tristin will be 1year and Maura will be 3. I simply cannot believe that my little tiny baby is going to be a full year old. It seems almost as impossible as the fact that I have a three year old. I know that there are people younger than me that have children older than mine, but that's not my life. Anyway. We have had their Christmas & birthday presents bought (yea garage sales!!!) and wrapped since about June. OK, I have had their Christmas & birthday gifts bought and wrapped since June. And now I am figuring out the cake for the party. I usually have cupcakes and make some type of chocolate mold. For Maura's first I made ladybugs, last year was frogs. This year I think I'm going to change it up a bit. I'll make a few cupcakes for Tristin and I am going to try to find a chocolate mold with trucks. I'm going to make a Belle (from Beauty & the Beast) for Maura. She may wet her pants with excitement, who knows.
Unfortunately, I had to purchase some things in order to pull off this cake. I have made a lot of different cakes before and some of them I'm really proud of. Others, I was happy when they were cut & eaten. But every time I make a cake or chocolates, one that I put a lot of time and money and effort into, I am reminded of a saying that I read at some point during middle school. "That the potter would die for the clay is an amazing thought."
I start to think about all that I pour into my little craft and it cannot love me or choose to look perfect, which is what I would ask of it... I do not posses the power to give it the volition to know me, but I know that if I did, and it didn't, I probably wouldn't care... we would just have cake for dinner. And I know for certain that I would not die for my pastry. I Have thought of this every single time I have a project like this. And every single time I think it, I am reminded just how tiny I am in comparison to God and what He has done for me. It really helps me to make it more real and it makes want all the more to do what He asks and to serve Him in my daily life.
So, that's what goes through my head while I pipe little things on the cake and while I try to make it look as good as possible, it's just cake, and I do my part to make it better. It cannot do it alone and without me, it would be just a bunch of ingredients and bring joy to no one. Just like we are without God in our lives.
Anyway, this is just some ramblings after a some-what sleep deprived week.

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Lindsey said...

I've never thought about that...good point. I would like to see pictures of your creations when you are finished.