Monday, November 10, 2008

New Friends

No, this isn't going to be the sweet story of how I opened myself up and made a new friend, or how my children are learning to be friends with others. This is more a story, or continuation of why I don't want to be left alone with my daughter any more.

She just turned three. She plays with lots of different children, of varying ages, and has no problem fitting in or socializing. I can't remember if I've explained about her ladybug friend, Vanessa. She and Vanessa have been together since Maura was about 18months. Here is a small re-cap:

Maura has had an imaginary ladybug friend. When I would ask her about it (at least a month between questionings) I would ask where it is and leave it at that – usually on her shoulder, but Sometimes on her stomach or at home on her bed… One time I decided to ask more. She said that she was on her shoulder. I asked what color she was. “She’s red.” I asked what her name is. “Vanessa.” This was a big deal since Maura never named anything, and had never heard the name Vanessa!

Well, today I was changing Tristin, - a whole story in itself - when Maura walked into the room. She had her fist up in the air, and said that she had Bluto with her... I was a bit... uh... well... Anyway, she said, "This is Bluto, mommy. He came in with me. Can you say hi to him?" So I said hi. Without prompting, she explained that Bulto is an orange monkey. So. Since I obviously haven't learned my lesson with asking her questions, I asked where he came from... She said that he came with the kitty, and pointed to the toy cat she got for her birthday. Anyway, I was going to put Tristin down for his nap and told her to go play until I came out. She said OK, and left. Still a bit creeped out, I proceeded with the nap time ritual. Maura came back in the room, and reached up grabbed what I can only imagine was supposed to be Bluto's hand, walked out saying, "Come on, Bluto."

Why don't I learn? I asked where Bluto was at a bit later. She replied, "He's in time out so he won't eat you, mommy."


Elizabeth said...

That is hilarious.... maybe the fleas came from the violent monkey.

Andy and Cari said...

I know she is her own person, but I love every inch of her...She is So funny. I am glad you are writing these things down, you know she won't believe you when she is older, now you have proof.

Heidi Stone said...

THAT is hilarious.

Extraordinary Ordinary Life said...

That is so funny! She has the best imagination!