Monday, November 10, 2008

Web Tag

So I guess now instead of the annoying e-mails with the personal info, we get to do it by blog now. And yes, I do know that I sent them to you! I had a somewhat difficult time with this, and I guess that's because what others see as weird or odd, seems perfectly normal to me. Anyway, here's for Cari...
1. Socks CANNOT be askew on the foot. With a 3yr old & 1yr old, sometimes it's easier to just go without. I will stop wherever I am at if my sock has deviated the slightest from where it should rest on my foot, take off my shoe and straighten it out. I have even gotten up and fixed Zach's socks myself, since he refused to do it.
2. I still do not sleep in total darkness. I have a small light on somewhere in the room. Along the same lines, I get nightmares on a regular basis. Sometimes so bad that I can't go back to sleep.
3. I love vocabulary, words and languages and how they can all tie into each other. I thought the Greek derivatives in high school was the best class. I tried to take etymology, but it was full. I am currently learning Greek and I feel so happy when I am studying.
4. I am anal about putting away food. Mainly milk. If you use it to make cereal, put it back into the fridge before you eat the cereal. I don't care if you'll have a second bowl of cereal, get it back out when you're ready for more cereal. If you used something to make a sandwich, put it away before you begin eating your sandwich. Also, if it expires tomorrow, and it won't get used up, it goes in todays trash.
5. When I sleep, I have to have my ears covered with a blanket. Whether it's for the night or a nap, my ears cannot be exposed.
6. I am a minimalist. I love to throw out stuff. My grandmother is alarmed when I tell her that I will not keep every scrap of paper that my little darlings give me for whatever reason. I throw out birthday cards, thank yous, invitations and many other things, simply because it serves no purpose in being kept. I will clean out toys about once a month and get rid of lots. Clothes, shoes, trinkets, etc.
7. If I had the time and money, I would love to learn how to play the drums. And a secret dream job that I have wanted to do for years - I want to be an auto mechanic!


Andy and Cari said...

My favorites, and the ones that make you more insane, are #1 and #5 thank you

Elizabeth said...

My favorite things about this post is that 1. you did it, as I would have initially predicted you to rebel against being tagged to make a point 2. you used the word askew, which I feel should be used more often 3. You are proactive about milk spoilage. I often open the milk and pour the top layer out before I pour it for whatever purpose I'm using it for because I want milk that has not been touched by air.

Elizabeth said...

Have you voted more than once on my survey??? Be honest! Lest I think there are others like us out there!!! I have a feeling you vote every time you visit my page. Would that be a correct assertation Mrs. DeHoff?? I don't want to be askew in my belief, so please set the record straight.

Extraordinary Ordinary Life said...

I don't thing those things are so weird - I do the something similar to the ear thing except I have to keep my mouth covered, everynight with a blanket. We don't sleep with nightlights but we cannot sleep without our fans - we have one in every bedroom. I am so with you on the milk and other cold stuff. I can't eat if that stuff is out either.