Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Web Tag - Zach

I thought that it only appropriate for you to get to see the oddities of Zach, since he is the patriarch of this blog. If you get nervous or scared, please continue reading, and remember that I live with these things everyday, so they are not life threatening! Also, I am writing these for Zach... He said I would know better about these things...
1. Zach will not ship a package until I have double checked the item being sent, the address on the box, the e-mail, and again the box, and sometimes I even have to watch him seal the box!
2. When locking up the house at night, Zach will stand at the garage door for literally 2-3min staring into the garage at the large door... making sure it is shut... after it is shut
3. He will also spend the same amount of time looking at his alarm clock, making sure that it is set to the correct time... it is on the correct time
4. The only foods Zach refuses to eat are sweet potatoes & guacamole
5. Zach is one of the most articulate, best speakers I have ever met. He also is one of the worst spellers I have ever met. And I worked with elementary children!
6. We have lived in our house for over 6 years, and he will still ask where things are located... I have not re-organized!
7. One year for Christmas, and then his birthday, we got Zach Cinderella, and The Little Mermaid. He loved it!


Sarah said...

Josh checks our windows at night 3 or 4 times just to "make sure" they're locked. YOU JUST CHECKED THEM! He also does the alarm clock and garage door thing. Hmmm...

Elizabeth said...

You assume correctly! I'm sniffing the others out. I have a sneaking suspicion one of them is Barb....why is my life so dull that I'm so excited about FIVE votes on my poll???....but I AM!!!...P.S. I do the alarm clock thing too...not so weird. What if it's not set right? There are consequences to a hasty alarm setting.

Lindsey said...

Does Jon know about #7? He may wish to borrow those sometime. :)

Extraordinary Ordinary Life said...

My husband also does the garage door thing - and when he works 3rd shift I HAVE to stay up until he leaves (about 11:30pm) and watch the garage door go down and call him as soon as I know it is secure. If I don't call he will come back home or he will call me until I do it. We also have a crazy cheap alarm system that we set. It was my dad's suggestion. We also have door stop things - I mean you know how dangerous Whiteland can be. Crime is rampant!