Friday, December 12, 2008


Once again I am doing something other than the cleaning and picking up that really needs doing. Zach is feeling better. Although, we were supposed to go look at Christmas lights tonight, and that's not gonna happen. I want to try to get out a little bit tonight or tomorrow, but I guess we'll see what happens and how Zach feels about babysitting!

I was looking for a friend in Facebook, and I needed to sign up before I could see anybody. So I thought, fine, and did it. I would just have an account and let it sit. And never do anything with it. Like some of you people with your blogs! Just kidding.!

Anyway, I was so lost and really didn't understand much of anything. It was comforting to see some familiar faces, but I couldn't figure out the best way to read stuff, and how to decipher the threads and which way they went and I was just a mess. I decided that I am much more comfortable here, and wanted to let you all know that! It felt very nice to come back here, and understand how it works, and be able to read easily and get what's going on. It was like running from a freezing pool into a hot tub. AAHHHHH!

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