Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Hello From Notre Dame

So, this past week has been a blur. We went out of town for a few days over Thanksgiving. My great grandmother had her 100th birthday party, so it was a little family reunion in good old Tipton, IA. Anyway, I came down with my very first ever sinus infection - not fun - Maura got sick, Tristin got sick and we went about two days on no sleep. It was wonderful spending time with all of my family that I rarely see, but we were so happy to get home.

One quick story from the trip - we went to lunch for my grandfather's birthday on Friday. We were leaving the restaurant with almost no incident, and Maura was crawling out from under the tables to leave... I look over and she has a flimsy blue strand of something on her hand... and hair. It was gum. Chewed. From under the table! I was so grossed out. I'm still not over it.

Anyway, we're home and feeling better and bust dog sitting two old dogs for a friend. That's eventful. They are actually very well behaved, and since they are so old, they really just sleep.

Maura has been in rare form for almost a week now. Just a complete little imp. Anyway, she had an OK day after a HUGE fit at church this morning. So she was playing and spinning and around the living room. Actually being well- behaved and tolerable. Then it happened. As she so blithely twirled around and around, she hit something and started going down. She hit about three different things on her way to the floor, the last of which was their little play table, and she landed flat on her back and immediately started crying. I won't lie to you, I laughed. Of course, she falls all the time (Maura does too!)and we laugh and life goes on, because she never eally hurts herself.

Well, tonight she did get hurt. Nothing bad, but when she fell, she caught her eye on the table and there is a lump growing out of her her eyebrow, about the size of a second eyeball. She kind of looks like Quasimodo. Poor thing.

Until next time, Notre Dame is singing out.

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Heidi Stone said...

Singing out, eh? :) Ahhh, how I love typos.

Poor little Maura. She did make quite the fuss on the way out of the church this morning. Lol. We were all like, "Who is that SCREAMING child?!"