Friday, December 26, 2008

Yes, Maura, There is a Tinkerbell

I hope everybody had a very merry Christmas. Ours was very nice, being able to spend time with both sides, and extended. We did miss the extended family we didn't get to see, but maybe next year.

As there are many stories to be told about yesterday, here's the one I will share now. In my family, when there is a chance for a fun tag, you take it. For example, if you get somebody a movie, on the tag you put it's from one of the characters, or an actor from it. Well, my mom has always done a lot of this kind of thing. Remember this...

When my parents arrived yesterday, my dad asked Maura where all of the presents came from, prompting her to say, "Santa!" In all of her dancing about she answered him with a matter of fact, "You guys!" We talk about Santa and watch movies with him, and sing songs, but we tell her that he is pretend - yes, I know there was a real person, but I don't know enough about him, and I don't think she'd make the connection right now.

Anyway, this morning she was asking me who brought her this and that, and I replied, "grandma & grandpa" to one of her questions. She quickly replied back, "No, mommy, Tinkerbell brought it to me!"


Heidi Stone said...

she is so cute.

michaelandheather said...

Hey Hey! Things are doing well. Just been still sick in this second trimester. But other than that. Baby seems to be growing at least my belly is, LoL. How are you??? I forgot I created the blog! Glad I checked in on it! Great to hear from you!