Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas Eve

Hello all. Merry Christmas Eve. I hope you are all able to relax and enjoy yourselves over the next few days. I am working towards that. Let me fill you in my last 12 hours.

Last night about 10:00, I realized that the bread dough that I had been waiting to finish before going to bed, was not going to rise. I went to bed.

About 3:30 this morning, Zach headed off to FedEx. I woke up. I couldn't go back to sleep, so I decided to wrap some of my mom's presents - I'm kind of like their helper elf this year. Anyway, I was cozy, wrapping, watching TV, when I heard a noise.

I calmly got up, took proper precautions, got the big dog and brought her back to our room, and checked out the windows... nothing. I let Missy stay in the room with me while I finished wrapping.

I got up & decided that I should probably begin my cooking and baking. I turned on the radio and was enjoying Christmas music, and I heard a commercial. I have decided to move to a retirement community. Now, this idea has always appealed to me - I HATE lawn work, of any kind, and even though I do enjoy shoveling snow, I could let somebody else do it. But this one was a bit different. It has free transportation! I hate driving almost as much as I worry. I've decided to quit when I'm 30.

Then I went to get Missy out of my room since she hadn't come out with me earlier. I thought she was dead. Seriously. She didn't come out at the smell of bacon, and didn't move when I called her name. I went in and shook her, and she DID NOT MOVE! Finally I grabbed her collar and she got up. Whew!

So now I've finished almost everything for tonight's dinner & tomorrow's breakfast. I've had lunch. And I would love some doritos, or cheetos, or potato chips with onion dip - doesn't that sound good?

Merry Christmas


Laura said...

which retirement community are you looking into?? i think it sounds like a splendid idea. you would be the hottest women there!!

Extraordinary Ordinary Life said...

I think you have had too much caffeine and not enough sleep.