Sunday, December 21, 2008

So We've Been Busy...

Well, it's never dull. I am so tired that I think my eyes are going crossed. Oh well. I have been trying to prepare for Christmas Eve & Christmas Day. We are having his family over after the Christmas Eve service, and then my family is coming over Christmas morning. I am feeding his family dinner & my family breakfast.

This is something that I really enjoy doing, but I feel like I have to plan WAY ahead of time. If you've ever had the unfortunate experience of grocery (Zach says I'm old because I use the word "grocery") shopping with me, then you know what I mean. I have to have my list just so - I have it arranged so that the all of the items are grouped in the list as they are in the store, then those groups are arranged in the order that I approach them through out the store. Don't get me started on the way the cart is actually loaded with the aforementioned items.

So there's that. Then on Thursday I heard this wonderfully piercing scream followed my legitimate crying - from Maura. That was odd. I went to see what had happened... long story short, she dropped a computer keyboard, that she plays with, onto her big toe. I told her it was fine and asked to look at it. There was blood everywhere. It was pretty gross. After I put on a band- aid, I got the mess cleaned up, only to turn around and see that I need to change the soaked band- aid already. This time I went with double gauze. That was much better. Anyway, it looks disgusting - the bottom cuticle/ skin is totally disconnected from the toe, and you can see the bottom part of the nail. EWW!

Then I was very busy pulling things from Tristin's mouth, once again. Dog hair, various food crumbs mixed with dirt, dog food, toilet paper. Have you seen the movie Elf? You know the scene where he eats the cotton balls? Tristin had gotten some toilet paper, and was carrying it around as if it were a snack, taking little bites of it! I got it away from him, only to see that he still had a small bit in his hand. I told him no, he looked at me and with a little grin, shoved it in his mouth & ate it! This was sometime last week. He did again today.


The Hillebrands said...

I always use the term "grocery" as well. But AJ and I were laughing at Zach because we can't think of anything else to call it. What does he say?

cristidehoff said...

he just says, "the store." but then, what kind of store? but this coming from the same guy who says "melk" for milk. i love him so much!