Tuesday, December 30, 2008


So, let me begin by saying that this post may be a bit personal for some folks, I did try to be careful, but consider yourself warned.

I went to the "glitter" doctor (OB/GYN) today. That's never fun. Anyway, I went through all my motions and felt quite a bit huge-er than last time. It seemed as though my weight went way up and my height went way down. And as we all know, that sent my BMI through the roof.

The exam wasn't too awful, considering. Again, I felt much bigger boned than last year. As I was preparing to leave, I reflected on my visit of about 45min and my total time with the doctor of about 10min. I realized that the exam wasn't nearly as uncomfortable as I had remembered. Then I panicked.

I think that all of my fat served as some sort of shock absorber for all of the ouch parts of the visit! Mind you, this a totally unfounded theory, but I think it fits.

Well, as the new year approaches, I feel entirely unmoved to make any resolution. Will I seriously do better just because it's a new calendar year? I should say not. I will, however, begin my new self resolution this evening. I will go & exercise. However, I will still have potato soup for dinner - just not too much!


Elizabeth said...

You are hysterical....I don't suppose it would have anything to do with the fact that you've birthed two children and an annual might seem like a walk in the park compared to that?? Just a theory.....

Lindsey said...

Funny!! Perhaps I should know this, but why did you call it the "glitter" doctor? Never heard that before. Please explain, if possible.

cristidehoff said...

Thanks for the encouragment, but both of mine came were C- babies, so on top of all the wonderful flab, I have extra where my 13-14" scare runs across my abdominal area. I get to deal with that everyday when I decide, "Today do I want to "tuck" or "hang?"