Tuesday, December 30, 2008


OK, first, isn't that a great code word? This is a somewhat shortened version.

Anyway, I worked with a woman who had a friend... Her friend was getting ready for the doctor, but didn't have time for a shower. She borrowed some of her daughter's body spray and went for her appointment. After the exam, as she was leaving, the doctor (somewhat jokingly)said thanks for dressing up!

She couldn't figure it out. She got home and checked out the body spray... it had glitter in it. They all referred to it from then on, as "the glitter doctor."

So, I have come to adopt that as my code word for the very bad place we go once a year.


Lindsey said...

Got it. I will be able to rest easier tonight now that I understand.

Sarah said...

That is a nice code word.