Friday, January 2, 2009


Well, the new year is here, no matter what I do, so I guess I'd better get on with it. I have nothing against time, it just goes so fast! So little to do, so much time. Strike that. Reverse it.

Anyway, I have begun my winter cleaning. I also do spring, summer, & fall cleaning. And every night before trash day cleaning. To see my house, you may wonder if I ever clean. I like to clean out things & organize and condense & throw stuff away. My grandmother even worries at times that I'm not sentimental enough.

If you have spoken to me in the past week, I have probably told you about the space bags I bought at Harbor Freight - they are awesome! I have gotten rid of boxes & have much more space than I had in the beginning of the week. I highly recommend them.

I actually exercised yesterday. It felt good and I was glad I did it. I was also glad when I was done. I'm going to try again today... don't hold your breath.

We are also going to start a new schedule for Maura. She was on one, but this one has pretty pictures & clocks! I thought I should have something a little more concrete to follow, to make it easier on the both of us. Especially with the home- school looming scarily in our future, I want to get her used to a more structured day.

Then I start babysitting Monday. I'm very nervous. It's OK if I mess up my own kids, but those belonging to other people...! I know I'm piling a lot on myself and expecting maybe too much, but I'm just going to try one hour at a time and see where I land. If I need to adjust, then I will.

Well, I hope you have a wonderful weekend. And I will be home ALL next week, so feel free to call, stop by, write, whatever!

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