Monday, February 23, 2009

Good To Be Home

So, I enjoyed a wonderful weekend with my husband. The only complaint I really have, is that it was too short. Although I was ready to get back to my kids. Anyway, we visited a couple of little ticked away wineries and that was fun, plus picked up some new shoes.

However, the main focus was food! I was pretty good with my diet for the couple of weeks proceeding our getaway, and it totally paid off! While we didn't gorge ourselves (at least the entire time!), I just enjoyed my husband, and my time, and ate like I was in high school. It was great! Of course I'm not at all hungry now, so it makes me happy that I don't want to continue eating like a heavyweight!

So, we're home, and about the second we walk in, it's life as usual. Whining, crying, messes... and don't even get me started on the kids! :) They did well without mommy & daddy, although Trisint looks kind of like an extra from Fight Club....

We got the little ones to bed, trying to get things back in order, general busyness. Maura starts calling from her room, which is very normal. I ask what she wants, she says she pooped. I tell her to hang on, she says OK, I ask Zach to take care of it...

Zach opens the door, and I hear, "Maura Corum! Go get in the tub right now! Dear, please get the camera." First of all, I don't know what in the world could possibly warrant the need of a camera when it comes to cleaning poop, and I know for a fact that if Zach wants the camera, it can't be good. All of this knowledge in my head, and I know I cannot get up and look.

Zach comes & gets the camera, stifling a laugh - which is not good. He then tells me that he'll need help. Oh no.

I get up after he gets finished commemorating this event, and see my daughter. She was in a nightgown. I saw the nightgown. That's really all I saw, since the rest of her had a fairly thick coating of poo. Thankfully, though, not the face.

Anyway, I ask Zach to start her washing up while I begin the room disinfecting. I tell her that after she is all cleaned up, she will have to help clean up the mess in the room. It is all over the closet door, and the room door. That is so gross.

So, after a bath of sorts, she comes in her room, ready to go to bed, and I tell her that she needs to help clean up. Unfortunately, she got poop all over her closet door, and since that's where her pull- ups are, she has to clean the door before she can get pjs on! What a mean mommy! So, my little girl is buck naked, shivering, cleaning up the door with daddy helping - softie!

So, the mess gets cleaned up. I'm exhausted. Now I'm doing laundry. Oh, and the radiator blew on my car this morning.


Anna said...

All I can say is WOW. Your weekend was WAY too short to come back to that! My prayers are with you!

Heidi Stone said...

I love the label of this post.

Glad you had a good weekend! Returning home is always a joy-killer. Lol.