Thursday, February 12, 2009


The DeHoff Circus... Let me take you on a tour of some of our latest attractions...

Well, my washer is still broken... There are people in Michigan who will have to answer to me and my mountains of dirty clothes. Of course, this is all in the midst of both of my children having RAGING diarrhea.

Zach is off, hopefully cementing a new day job... He wrote up a business proposal for the guy and I am so proud of the initiative he's taking.

I went to a book club for the first time ever, that you, Lauren & Heather. I enjoyed it but felt kinda like I stuck out. I'll go next month and give it another whirl, unless they vote me off before then.

I have been busting my you- know- what to get the front room ready for Tristin to move in... I am tired. Hopefully I'll get the carpets cleaned tonight & he'll be able to move in over the weekend. If you are one of the unfortunate people to see the "before" room, you'll be amazed at what it looks like now.

I am tired of getting junk e-mail - in my regular folder. I am almost certain that Sir Reginald Humeford Longfellow VII would not be sending his own e-mails. And I am no need of Viagra or Cialis... all stocked up here.

And, as promised, a photo entry from The Boy Who Will Eat Anything... the ear had to be extracted from his ear. It's been light eating - maybe because of the stomach thing. And I don't have pictures of the random hair taken from his mouth from time to time.

This is the Ringmaster, signing off...

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Heidi Stone said...

i'm guessing the diarrhea explains why you haven't been over with your laundry.

yuck. hope everyone is feeling better soon!