Wednesday, April 29, 2009


I'm sure the title alone will send some people into a panic attack. I hate birds as well.

So Maura has been on this kick for quite sometime about wanting a rooster for a friend. Not pet, friend. I don;t know where this came from, and I really would rather not find out.

We were at a friend's farm and there were some roosters running around. Guess who had to be restrained? She went running, declaring, "I want one for a friend!!!"

And of course, with the lake out back, every so often she says she wants to go get a duck and hold it... we tell her no.

So, we went to our second home last week - Meijer. I have Tristin on one side of me (walking. sine they're caged in the cart for the trip, I try to get some energy out on the way in!)and Maura on the other. We're walking towards the front of the truck, when two - beautiful- mallards are rounding the front towards us. Figuring they will see us and redirect to look for food elsewhere. Wrong.

The duck begin to come towards us, and of course, Maura wants one. "I need a duck!" So she's going to them, they are coming to us and I am sure they will try to eat Tristin. By now they are about 3-5 feet from us. I swing Tristin up on my hip and have to pull Mara away from them. She is screaming that she wants a duck and trying to get away.

The ducks follow us for a few feet an finally realize they aren't going to be able to bully food from us.

I then tried to explain to my darling that ducks are wild animals and they don't want to be friends... she says they aren't wild animals and they do want to be friends. How do you argue this point with a 3yr old? I'm just glad she wasn't around for the day Zach brought home 2 ducklings on impulse. On second thought, maybe I should try explaining that to the 30yr old first...

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Extraordinary Ordinary Life said...

I was laughing so hard reading this post. Maura cracks me up. She is a never ending source of entertainment.